Funny Volvo Commercials.

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//.//shorts/8qZSDNMFDcY Тут куча анекдотов, смешных, не смешных, в общем всяких. Заходи, разомни улыбальник Donation | Поддержать канал HAYPovaya DICH // Funny Volvo Commercials. The company was founded in 1915 by Assar Gabrielsson (Swede. Assar Gabrielsson) and Gustaf Larson (Swede. Gustaf Larson) as a subsidiary of the well-known manufacturer of bearings SKF. April 14, 1927 released the first production car Jakob OV4 (with an engine capacity of 28 liters. From., Top speed – 90 km / h). Already in 1935, Volvo became completely independent of SKF. In 1956, Doctor of Engineering and Doctor of Economics, Gunnar Engellau (Swede. Gunnar Engellau) became the president of the concern. The heyday of the company dates back to his time at Volvo: in 1956, Swedish cars began exporting to the USA (5,000 Volvo cars were sold in the United States in 1957), car production increased (31,000 units in 1956, 205,000 units per 1971). During these years, Nils Ivar Bolin, the author of three-point seat belts, worked for Volvo. Amazon’s Volvo PV444 and P120 were the first in the world to be equipped with these elements. In 1960, the P1800 was released – a two-seat sports coupe. In 1966, the production of Volvo 144 began, equipped with a dual-circuit working brake system and deformable areas of the body. In 1976, Volvo designers introduced an oxygen sensor (Lambda Sond) and a catalytic converter. In 1999, Volvo sold its Volvo Personvagnar passenger division to Ford for $ 6.45 billion. Since 1999, Volvo Personvagnar AB (known in the USA under the name Volvo Cars) has become a division of the Ford concern. In December 2009, Ford announced the sale of Volvo Personvagnar AB for $ 1.8 billion to Chinese company Zhejiang Geely Automobile. On March 29, 2010, the Chinese company officially announced the signing of documents to acquire Volvo Personvagnar and rights to the Volvo brand from Ford Motor for $ 1.8 billion. On August 2, 2010, the transaction was completed. Currently, Volvo and the Chinese company Geely Automobile, which owns Volvo Cars, simultaneously own the Volvo brand and logo. #commercial #funny #volvo

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