Funny Volkswagen Commercials.

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//.//shorts/8qZSDNMFDcY Тут куча анекдотов, смешных, не смешных, в общем всяких. Заходи, разомни улыбальник Donation | Поддержать канал HAYPovaya DICH // 10 Best Volkswagen Funny Commercials. 1 Volkswagen Golf 2 Volkswagen Golf GTE 3 Volkswagen Beetle 4 Volkswagen Tiguan 5 Volkswagen Golf GTE 6 Volkswagen Passat 7 Volkswagen Tiguan 8 Volkswagen Tiguan 9 Volkswagen Trailer Assist 10 Volkswagen Passat and bonus Volkswagen new Tiguan Volkswagen Aktiengesellschaft (in translation from it. – “Joint Stock Company” Volkswagen “”) – German automobile concern (group of companies). The company’s headquarters is located in Wolfsburg (German: Wolfsburg), Germany. The company is named after the Volkswagen brand (in translation from it. – “people’s car”). In some German-speaking sources, in addition to the official name, it is sometimes referred to as Volkswagen Konzern, in English-speaking sources – the Volkswagen Group, sometimes the VW Group or even simply as VAG. #commercials #funny #volkswagen

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